Curtis Panasuk

Team Building Workshop Leader

Hello, I will teach your teams to solve problems using creativity!

  • Popular team building workshop leader

  • Creative thinker for Apple, Intel and Hitachi

  • Creative CEO who knows how to maximize a team’s productivity

  • Magazine editor who has been quoted in the LA Times, SF Chronicle and SJ Mercury

  • TEDxSedona speaker on the topic of creativity in the 21st century

  • Called the “Johnny Appleseed of Creativity,” for spreading his lessons coast-to-coast

  • His workshops are 1-hour (lunch), 2-hours or 4-hours

  • Connect on LinkedIn

I recommend Curtis to anyone who wants to energize their team with creative problem solving skills.  He engages everyone with innovative skills to boost their teamwork and problem solving abilities.” Dr. McCrea, Santa Clara University

Curtis loves teaching teams how to become creative problem solvers using out-of-the-box thinking. The energy in the room and the creative output from the participants was amazing!” Natalie Vargo, Foothill College

Curtis Panasuk
Curtis Panasuk, Creativity Consultant / Speaker at TEDx Sedona
Curtis Panasuk teaching creativity workshop with team building
Creativity Workshop in Action

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